Steve Brand – The Path of the HeartrM_0057
Steve Brand – The Path of the Heart
May 2016

"This music reflects my realization that I often feel that my entire life has been a journey to and of the heart, my heart, my core..."

Kloob – Solid FoundationsrM_0056
Kloob – Solid Foundations
February 2016

A sonic journey featuring metaphysics, attraction, emotions management, extraterrestrial life, astral projection and personal development.

Anguaji Music – Trigger, HappyrM_0055
Anguaji Music – Trigger, Happy
October 2015

A joyful jumble of up-and-down musical sketches to stir your imagination.

Massergy – A Novel Sense of CalmrM_0054
Massergy – A Novel Sense of Calm
September 2015

Beautiful ambient music to help on the greatest journey of all.

Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms  From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound RepleterM_0053
Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms – From Worlds Unseen...
August 2015

Sparse melodic drone-based soundscapes and warm, ethereal spacemusic

Chris Russell - BlurrM_0052
Chris Russell - Blur
July 2015

Blur, an album created slightly out of focus.

Roy Mattson – MesmerrM_0051
Roy Mattson – Mesmer
May 2015

Hints of tribal and ethno-ambient music mixed with a strong dose of psychedelia.

SiJ – PlaentagoserM_0050
SiJ – Plaentagose
April 2015

A suite of sparsely decorated vignettes / postcards of moments on a long stretch of highway.

Numina – Through the Gate to NowhererM_0049
Numina – Through the Gate to Nowhere
March 2015

A sonic journey influenced by many events and emotion.

Steve Brand and Ran Kirlian – The Uncarved BlockrMEp_0002
Steve Brand and Ran Kirlian – The Uncarved Block
March 2015

Journey back to our natural state of being before cultural conditioning takes place.

Kloob – Deep Emotional PhasesrM_0048
Kloob – Deep Emotional Phases
February 2015

Elegance and darkness are successfully combined to create tracks that evoke subtlety and strong feelings at the same time.

Steve Brand – Into The Currentpl0020
Steve Brand – Into The Current
February 2015

Steve Brand's document of, and tribute to, his experience at Steve Roach's "SoundCurrent Master's Class"

åpne sinn – Worlds ApartrMEp_0001
åpne sinn – Worlds Apart
January 2015

"between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s edge." – byron

Frore - Cyclic MovementrM_0047
Frore - Cyclic Movement
January 2015

Ambient journeys synced to the cycles and rhythms of the universe.

Andrew Lahiff - Slow Paths BeyondrM_0044
Andrew Lahiff - Slow Paths Beyond
November 2014

A story that began evolving in January 2013.

Steve Brand – The Space BetweenrM_0046
Steve Brand – The Space Between
October 2014

Past events, loved ones, even the resources we need from all our pasts and futures are there waiting for us…in still, quiet moments.

Seren Ffordd – Fractured III – ShardsrM_0045
Seren Ffordd – Fractured III – Shards
August 2014

Shards is the third album in a trilogy titled Fractured.

Chris Russell – IlluminoidrM_0043
Chris Russell – Illuminoid
July 2014

Illuminoid is a journey into the realm of the spirit.

Steve Brand and Roy Mattson - MeltstreamrM_0042
Steve Brand, Roy Mattson - Meltstream
May 2014

Amazing beatless ambient. Roy and Steve both have a strong affinity with nature, especially the mountains, and this music grew out of those moments, immersed in nature…and sound.

Robert  Scott Thompson - ArcanarM_0039
Robert Scott Thompson - Arcana
April 2014

A carefully crafted, subtly nuanced ambient album. Languidly drifting textures, prepared piano, and an array of synthesized and acoustic sounds make this a rewarding listen.

Arbee & Specta Ciera – Elemental GatheringrM_0041
Arbee & Specta Ciera – Elemental Gathering
March 2014

Delving into techno, drone, experimental, dub and more - Arbee & Specta Ciere's debut on rM will move you.

Steve Brand – Because We Were Once Covered in Goldpl0011
Steve Brand – Because We Were Once Covered in Gold
February 2014

Re-working of 2009 release, fascinating and exceptionally detailed, full of subtlety and delicious sonic twists and turns.

Relaxed Machinery Artists - reBOOTrM_0040
Relaxed Machinery Artists - reBOOT
January 2014

17 tracks, 2.25 hours of new music from some of the best names in the industry.

Steve Brand - Over-soulpl0015
Steve Brand - Over-soul
November 2013

61 minute long form piece, divided into three seamless expanses of driftscape, created entirely with keyboards and medicine drum.

Chronotope Project - Event HorizonrM_0033
Chronotope Project - Event Horizon
October 2013

An earthy foundation of sustained drones and rich chordal soundbeds, flowing watery melodies, the scintillating sparkle of fiery sequences.

Steve Brand  - She Covers The Skypl0014
Steve Brand - She Covers The Sky
September 2013

Re-imagining, re-working, re-mastering of the 2009 release, now with two new tracks.

Zero Ohms - 369rM_0036
Zero Ohms - 369
July 2013

A journey of what seems to be an unending ascension of shifting drones and wind-synth chords which take you to the very edge of space and beyond.

Steve Brand – The Great HooprM_0038
Steve Brand – The Great Hoop
June 2013

Music inspired by Native American cultures, their history and pre-history, the spaces, colors, flora and fauna, and wide variety of landscapes of the American Plains.

Relaxed Machinery Artists – Butterfly EffectsrM_0034
Relaxed Machinery Artists – Butterfly Effects
May 2013

An album comprising remixes of material from several James Johnson albums.

Frore - ShadowlandsrM_0035
Frore - Shadowlands
March 2013

Frore's first album on Relaxed Machinery. Hints of tribal and modern ambient take you on a thought provoking journey.

Steve Brand – Bridge to Nowherepl0010
Steve Brand – Bridge to Nowhere
February 2013

Bridge to Nowhere is a spacious, slow-breathing exploration of a meditative state, and nowhere in Brand’s work is the ritualistic element more present than in this case

Chris Russell - PortalrM_0037
Chris Russell - Portal
February 2013

Other worlds, other dimensions and glimpses behind the veil.

Steve Brand - Our True NaturerM_0029
Steve Brand - Our True Nature
December 2012

A soundtrack for hope, growth and expanded ways of being.

Chronotope Project – ChrysalisrM_0032
Chronotope Project – Chrysalis
November 2012

Deep ambient textures infused with gentle rhythm and soulful melody -- introspective soundscapes to relax the mind and gladden the spirit.

Broken Harbour – The Geometry Of ShadowsrM_0031
Broken Harbour – The Geometry Of Shadows
October 2012

Light and shadow, past and future, distance and time, informed the creative process and inspiration of this album.

Steve Brand – Sunprintspl0007
Steve Brand – Sunprints
September 2012

Five quiet and sometimes intimate atmospheres focused around nature.

Andrew Lahiff – Inner Worlds ReturningrM_0030
Andrew Lahiff – Inner Worlds Returning
August 2012

Synthetic and mechanical notions overlaid on an organic yet detailed landscape.

Shane Morris / Disturbed Earth – Suburban CatacombsrM_0028
Shane Morris / Disturbed Earth – Suburban Catacombs
July 2012

What goes on under suburbia, the day to day, literally, the pipes, storm water drainage, electric cable, communication, internet.

Steve Brand – CatalystrM_0026
Steve Brand – Catalyst
June 2012

Four cavernous, ethereal, sentimental and lilting inscapes timing in at just over an hour.

Chris Russell - BloomrM_0027
Chris Russell - Bloom
May 2012

Warm and peaceful zones inspired by nature. All carefully sculptured using a combination of field recordings and electronic atmospheres.

åpne sinn – en seierrM_0025
Peter James – Landfall
April 2012

Part of a journey. Not the final part or the start. Just a part of it. A mixture of long and short form ambient.

åpne sinn – en seierpl0004
Steve Brand / Ishq – Spiritual Science
March 2012

Easy and organic multiple disc release of several long form ambient pieces. Re-mastered during 2011-2012 for this special re-release.

åpne sinn – en seierrM_0024
åpne sinn – en seier
February 2012

"en seier" from the Norwegian meaning “one victory”. Rhythms, ambient soundscapes, and multiple collaborations. All straight from the heart.

Austere – EuterperM_0021
Austere – Euterpe
January 2012

Honed sonic goodness that covers every style or genre Austere is known for (which is many) but mostly brand-new ground broken, no paths retraced.

Peter James – MementorM_0022
Peter James – Memento
December 2011

Musical pieces kept as simple as the moments they depict so as not to blur the memories they evoke.

Steve Brand - Subtle Movements InsiderM_0011
Steve Brand - Subtle Movements Inside
November 2011

“Subtle Movements Inside,” was inspired after re-visiting a group of old poems and by recent events in my life.

Steve Brand - SoulSpiralpl0003
Steve Brand - Cahokia
October 2011

A three-song journey into one of the deeply mystical places of America’s heartland.

Bob Ohrum - All Around MerM_0020
Bob Ohrum - All Around Me
October 2011

In the sky and the trees,the sunlight and the breeze, in the buildings and the windows that surround me... they are all around me.

Zero Ohms - Worlds, AfterworldsrM_0019
Zero Ohms - Worlds, Afterworlds
October 2011

We constantly stand on a precipice of the unknown without the possibility of reversing. This seemingly unknowable void looms, beckoning. And flight is the only, albeit inadequate, response.

Steve Brand - SoulSpiralpl0002
Steve Brand - Upwelling
September 2011

Upwelling is collection of epiphanies, experiments, singular moments, remixes and re-discoveries.

Lowell Levene-Sims - <br>A Thing of Beauty to an Object of RegretrM_0017
Lowell Levene-Sims - A Thing of Beauty to An Object of Regret
August 2011

Cover Painting: There are No Wrong Notes by LLS, 2010.

Chris Russell - HomerM_0013
Chris Russell - Home (double album)
August 2011

recorded june 2010 to march 2011.

John Koch-Northrup - Temporal ArcrM_0002
John Koch-Northrup - Temporal Arc
(reissue w/ bonus track)
July 2011

Originally released on Red Antenna on 2001. Re-released July 2011, with one additional track.

Disturbed Earth & Steve Brand – What is Memory?rM_0016
Disturbed Earth & Steve Brand – What is Memory?
July 2011

This release is a 69-minute aural exploration of the nature of memory and time, utilizing keyboard atmospheres, flutes and voice.

Max Corbacho – Lost LinksrM_0018
Max Corbacho – Lost Links
June 2011

Deleted, unreleased and forgotten tracks.

Steve Brand - SoulSpiralpl0001
Steve Brand - SoulSpiral
May 2011

First in a series of re-mastered, re-worked, re-releases and special releases to come on Steve's own label, Pioneer Light.

Bob Ohrum – Subliminal ListeningrM_0014
Bob Ohrum – Subliminal Listening
March 2011

A collection of organic soundscapes created by capturing various field recordings, and then creating music to accompany them.

I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anamrM_0010
I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anam
March 2011

Scáth M’anam is a Gaelic phrase, which can be translated as “Shadow of My Soul”. The artist, aka Bobby Jones, chose this title by looking to his Irish roots.

Relaxed Machinery Artists – sleepMODErM_0009
Relaxed Machinery Artists – sleepMODE
March 2011

Relaxed Machinery presents sleepMODE, a snapshot of the rapidly-growing label celebrating its first anniversary.

åpne sinn – espiritistarM_0015
åpne sinn – espiritista
January 2011

By turns drifting and ethereal then beat driven, this debut recording spans many musical types and genres.

Leonardo Rosado – for rrM_0012
Leonardo Rosado – for r
November 2010


Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth – The Approaching ArmadarM_0008
Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth – The Approaching Armada
October 2010

The Approaching Armada is all about Chris’ electronics that have been soft soaked, the brittle remaining dark and edgy and Disturbed Earth’s presence in the sound.

Beta Cloud – The Book of Five RingsrM_0007
Beta Cloud – The Book of Five Rings
October 2010

All tracks recorded reflect “aural essays” of the concepts Musashi defined in his text of Go Rin No Sho.

Steve Brand - ConiunctiorM_0006
Steve Brand - Coniunctio
August 2010

Coniunctio is the joining of two longform ambient works. Pale Blue Orb is very celestial, spacious, glowing in the warmth of enveloping light and consciousness while The Beginning of Days is more terrestrial, Earthy.

Bob Ohrum - ElevatedrM_0004
Bob Ohrum - Elevated
June 2010

Elevated is a journey through heartbreaking loss and the celebration of a spirit set free from a broken body.

Chris Russell - FrozenrM_0003
Chris Russell - Frozen
July 2010

Frozen recalls the stillness and silence of a winter snowfall transitioning into spring, celebrating the rebirth and renewal of life.

Steve Brand - Circular ScripturesrM_0001
Steve Brand - Circular Scriptures
June 2010

Circular Scriptures is charactarized by beatless, diaphanous, semi-transparent layers of sound that flow and overlap, layered with deep earth-shaking timbres and near orchestral and choral allusions.

Relaxed Machinery Artists – Butterfly Effects [rM_0034]

May 2013

alteraOrbe (coming soon)
Band Camp

CDR Insert (PDF format)

Release Info

Early in 2011, electronic music veteran James Johnson approached the Relaxed Machinery community with an exciting project idea: an album comprising remixes of material from several of his albums.

The response was immediate: 30 artists from around the world – all members of the Relaxed Machinery Ning Online Community – expressed an interest in taking part. James provided them with 25 clips culled from eight albums, which included synths, piano, voices and generative tracks. Submitted pieces often included source material from more than one album.

James selected nine pieces for this collection, including work by Disturbed Earth, Altus, Chris Russell and more.

These are all “purist” remixes, using only source materials provided by James.

In keeping with the project’s remix/recycle ethos, its title is extrapolated from one of James’ album titles, and the artwork (by Scott M2) is remixed from James’ photography.

Track List

1. Mandala by Northcape [5:30]
2. Soaring Steady by Altus [7:37]
3. Afterglow by Somnarium [4:24]
4. Amphorae by Disturbed Earth [10:58]
5. Well of Hope by Aairria [9:10]
6. Bad Echoes by Andrew Quitter [13:19]
7. Two Fractured Mirrors by Eyes Cast Down [10:00]
8. Twilight Woods by Chris Russell [7:37]
9. dreamSTATE Drift by Scott M2 [5:56]


Musicians’ Notes

Northcape: Mandala Remix

I always want to make remixes that have something of Northcape’s sound in them as well as the original, so I tried to find a remix pack with a number of different samples available to give some ammunition! A remix where only original samples could be used was always going to be a challenge… It’s also always important for inspiration for me to remix an original that I like – Mandala clearly fit both criteria. I knew I’d need a bass line, lead sounds and probably some sort of beat, so before I started I spent some time isolating parts of the individual tracks, resampling and editing them to create the kit and the baseline together with some other sounds, in particular the “piano-ish” lead. I was lucky to isolate the “piano” sound as the original WAVs didn’t have many parts with a clean single note to resample. I found that working on the track itself after this was relatively straightforward, the quality of the sounds and underlying pads was such that the bass line, rhythm and the added melody came very easily. The finishing touch was finding the string sample in James’ “hybrid strings” sample pack, it just fits the track remarkably well and provides the dramatic build that I think the remix needed.

Altus: Soaring Steady

I’ve never attempted to build music in this fashion (by mixing various stems together), so to create something cohesive and pleasing to the ear from pre-existing stems was an interesting experience. At first I told myself I wouldn’t use any of the piano stems as it was likely they’d be used by many other artists in this compilation. In the end, I broke downand used them as they were too beautiful not to include.

The overall structure of the track is technically simple, and admittedly I didn’t experiment as much as I had planned, but in the end I’m pleased how it turned out. Attempting to do something more experimental likely would’ve resulted inunpleasant noise in comparison. I hope you enjoyed the outcome, James. Thank you for the opportunity.

Somnarium: Afterglow

Elements of Twilight Strings and Mellow Bounce were manipulated using Steinberg Wavelab, including reversing/stretching the original audio. These modified tracks were then imported into Cakewalk Sonar v3 where they were chopped into varying segment lengths which were re-ordered and processed with delays and reverbs. Panning and EQ was applied to ensure that the various elements did not clash and that the track gelled as a new whole. A drone created from the Lost at Dunn’s Lake textural background originally formed the basis for this track, however, this was ultimately removed to allow the piece to “breathe” more.

Disturbed Earth: Amphorae

When producing Amphorae, I left one sample unchanged… I processed the other five through the “Disturbed Earth” sound, a technique made up of using reel to reel analog tape loops and stuff. This system/method I use can be fraught with the unpredictable/an unknown outcome and a highly charged sense of what can be. With the “Butterfly Effect”, I am glad to be able to fill some empty clay containers and bring them to the surface as Amphorae… Thank you James Johnson.

Aairria: Well of Hope

There has always been one James Johnson album which meant a lot to me. For some reason Lost at Dunn’s Lake turned out to bear a great deal of significance and so, captivated and transported completely, I listened to it for hours and hours. From the depths of these days spent on wondering and wandering, and from the singularity of the samples of that musical journey supplied for use in Butterfly Effects, comes my Well of Hope.

Andrew Quitter: Bad Echoes

Track title is an anagram of the track stems used. The chosen stems were edited into short loops, transferred to a Tascam field recorder and then processed through analog electronics and tape delay to six stereo tracks in Reaper. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Quitter at Slithis Studios – May, 2011

eyes cast down: Two Fractured Mirrors

I was most attracted to James’ piano parts, and used three of them (two from Nightfall and one from Minimum 2), chopped up and pitch-shifted, along with two synth parts (from the same albums) through glassy phasers. I sent it all through lots of feedback chorus and a long feedback tape delay patch. (Thanks, Dean!) I was looking for the infinity effect of two mirrors facing each other. Perhaps uniquely among the 30 musicians undertaking this project, I had never heard James’ music, and deliberately avoided doing so until after my remixes were done, to maintain a tabula rasa state of innocence / ignorance, which James wholeheartedly endorsed.

Chris Russell: Twilight Woods

Twilight Woods is a track I created using sounds from Minimum 2 and Environment 1. I treated them by altering the pitch and stretching the time to morph into a midnight nature zone that was very therapeutic to create. I did not use any effects on the recorded sounds, I wanted to keep them as is.

Scott M2: dreamSTATE Drift

The heart of this remix/reconstruction was created by importing one of James’ stems (Melo Bounce 2) into an iPad app called SynthTronica to be analyzed as a formant, and then playing the synth while further manipulating its dynamic filters. The app has the ability to record performances as .wav files. Two SynthTronica recordings performed in a Toronto subway car were imported into ACID and contoured with the original stem and three others – all pitched down to slow them without adding unwanted artifacts to the flow of this gently evolving drift piece.


Artwork: Scott M2, remixing original photography by James Johnson

Design and Layout: Steve Brand

Track sequence and file management: Geoff Small

Info Manager and project title: eyes cast down

Artwork Notes

“The cover image is a blend of two of James’ black and white photos from his Flickr page, each pre-treated with a variety of iPad photo-manipulation apps then composited in the Brushes iPad app. Most of the work was performed on the Toronto transit system.” –  by Scott M2

Wall Paper