Future Sequence Review – Scáth M’anam by I’ve Lost

3rd March 2011

Warning, don’t touch anything it might turn into dust.

I’ve Lost moniker for Bobby Jones new album Scáth M’anam has to be handled very carefully as it might disintegrate before your eyes. Bobby Jones builds a cathedral of sound, from the ground up to the sky. The tone he achieves is an astonishing and coherent masterpiece on nostalgia and dreams of a long gone past, even long before Bobby Jones was born. The sounds are trespassed by the passing of time. This cathedral still stands up because it is made of sound, lighter than the air.

Following up on the debut ep Dissociative Fugue released at FeedbackLoop Label, Bobby Jones substitutes raw and noisy feelings with crystal clear sounds, even exploring nostalgia and using field recordings he manages to give Scáth M’anam a bright feel. In the release notes Bobby Jones says he wanted this album a fragile, intimate, personal and genuine piece as a counterpoint to the unstoppable machine of technological advancements. He clearly achieves it, controlling the pace, the timing, and the melodies that build up and vanish. In a ghost like atmosphere, Bobby Jones is there clearly defined.

Scáth M’anam has only two tracks, the first one I Wish I could Fly lasts 71 min, and it is a tour de force, maybe too long, but I feel Bobby Jones did it on purpose so he gets your full attention (this is definitely not ambient music for the background), and if he is exposing himself this way you might have to be available for him. Nevertheless, I Wish I Could Fly is an evolving piece, full of changes in beautiful melodies, paces, and you always have a feeling of movement, though slow so you can ponder and let your imagination fly.

This is an ambient album that goes from the latest trends using field recordings and contemporary classical ideas, into space ambient music and even new age, but always with a coherence and good taste in timbres.

So, if you want to be filled with music, to embrace a journey you should be listening to I’ve Lost latest album Scáth M’anam.

– Review by Leonardo Rosado for Future Sequence

Source – http://www.futuresequence.com/article/review-ive-lost-scath-manam/