Ping Things Review – Frozen by Chris Russell

29th November 2010

On “Frozen”, Chris Russell uses minimal structures and tones that allow for a purity of content and a strong sense of direction that, in my mind at least, lends itself to a much more active listen. With “Frozen” I found myself a little more engaged than I normally am with other recordings, putting a little more effort into the listening process and finding myself getting lost in its depths. Throughout the album tonal movement happens in slow gradual shifts, a considered and deliberate approach that shows a real attention to detail and an appreciation for the sonic journey at hand. Opener “Aurora” stands out in my mind as an exceptional example of Russell’s work, a warm and inviting drone drawing the listener into the track and surrounding them with creamy rich textures that ebb and flow throughout it’s length. On other tracks, Russell captures the cold and isolation of the arctic perfectly, drifting winds and quiet drones working together to create a sonic landscape that chills my bones. A really strong collection of locational ambience that I’m very impressed by.

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