Ping Things Review – Elevated by Bob Ohrum

29th November 2010

On “Elevated”, Bob Ohrum does a great job of blending deep drones with some nice field recordings and subtle melodies to create a set of very impressive soundscapes. Ohrum has a particularly strong talent for bringing together sounds that results in a very engaging listening experience. The sounds of birds twittering here, a resonant drone there, a quiet buzzing tone and a minimal melodic phrase added for extra depth, it’s all very effective and carefully considered, and the end result is a lush and beautiful set of music that I quite enjoy. There’s an attention to the details of sounds here, their placement and how they work together, as well as how they evolve over time. Title track “Elevated” particularly captures the essence of Ohrum’s work, a long form track that opens with a pair of steady drones playing around each other, slowly tapering in volume and shifting through a slow tonal shift. As the track progresses other sounds come to the fore, presenting some inspired progressions and some beautiful musical discoveries that I quite liked.

A wonderful collection of music that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.

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