Ping Things Review – Coniunctio by Steve Brand

29th November 2010

Long form ambience is really hard to do well, but Steve Brand excels at it. On “Coniunctio”, Steve delivers an expansive work made up of two long form pieces, each clocking in at over an hour in length. Featuring both light and dark ambience, “Coniunctio” is a beautiful work that floats through a variety of locales and spaces in a seamless fashion, subtly moving the listener from one place to another in a slow and dreamlike way. First track “Pale Blue Orb” has a particular expansiveness about it, ranging from quiet speculative segments to more expressive sections where tones layer and drift around each other in a rich, deep swath of sound. The second piece, “The Beginning of Days”, has a particularly organic feel about it, the whistle of flutes and wind instruments paired with steady drones running through the track. As he has on previous releases, Brand has created a haunted feeling that plays throughout “Coniunctio”, a sense of otherworldly mysticism that suggests mysteries and lost lands, secrets and enigmas. Together the two pieces complement each other well to create a journey through beautiful soundscapes that are sure to entice and delight the listener. Another fine album from a very talented artist!

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