Ping Things Review – sleepMODE

6th June 2010

> Identification: sleepMODE compilation…

> extracting data…
> extracting data…
> extracting data…
> software compiled by Relaxed Machinery

> designation “Slow Rust”
> identification Max Corbacho
> binary data musical input, use of scifi synths illustrates gradual decay over time

> designation “Forgotten Feast”
> identification Steve Brand
> sounds of metal and industry dance overtop an aggressive drone and a bleak future

> designation “REMcycle”
> identification Apne Sinn
> dreams overlap other dreams, moving sounds on the edge of the senses designed to trigger memories

> designation “What Dreams May Come”
> identification Beta Cloud
> Impressive guitar work played atop craggy mountain cliffs, luring Sirens to their deaths, emotive and emotional, haunting and impressive

> designation “Neon Shroud”
> identification Benjamin Dauer
> steady constant drone tones receiving alien communications, streaming data to other worlds and sentients through subtle tonal variations.

> designation “Deepest Blue”
> identification Bob Ohrum
> subtle mechanics and fluctuations, a melody designed for both organisms and automatons to consider and enjoy

> designation “Going Under”
> identification I’ve Lost
> distant sounds from beneath the sea, calming and tranquil

> designation “Dream States Fourtet”
> identification Leonardo Rosado
> abstract music for robotic combos, scraping strings and rusty wires, abstractly beautiful

> designation “Lila’s Dance”
> identification Beed and Fascia
> echoes and cuts, sounds from other dimensions, a hard rain that’s been falling for decades, so long that it defines the soundspace, echoes and bells, a robotic flourish, radio stations playing music from beyond time and space

> designation “AN”
> identification ISHQ
> rust and industry, alarms and signals, glassine trills, the chiming of bells

> designation “Parallel Truths”
> identification Nettless
> dramatic cinematography, looping piano theme, orchestral stabs, emotive strings, pure sounds, organic, natural

> designation “Mechanical Slumber”
> identification Chris Russell
> deep REM cycling, slow drifting fades on the shores of the dreamscape

> designation “A Dream of Awakening”
> identification John Koch-Northrup
> piano melodies on distant alien plains, an echoing mechanical counterpoint to clockwork heartbeats

> endfile
> repeat

(The sleepMODE Compilation is an excellent collection of music by the always reliable folks at Relaxed Machinery. 13 tracks, each one of them a fine example of why this label is one of the best in the genre. Available from Relaxed Machinery. All proceeds go towards maintenance fees for the Relaxed Machinery online community at, a wonderful collection of musicians, artists, photographers and cool people.)

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