Sonic Immersion Review – Lost Links by Max Corbacho

6th May 2012

For “Lost Links”, the first volume in a series, Max Corbacho assembled a collection of tracks which were shelved in his archive although they were initially composed to fit on a concept album, compilation or into a commisioned project.

Known for his well-crafted and expansive/atmospheric music, Mr Corbacho oncemore hits the mark with his expressive, highly textural and deep music, bathening ambient music fans in a comfortable sonic haven of detailed cinematic soundscapes and outerworldly realms.

Occasionally, the smoothly layered music borders the output of Steve Roach, but then again offers lots of refinements to end up in a mesmerizing, gently morphing ambience with its own trademark.
This is ambient/space music to make time fade away, opening a doorway to contemplative, harmonic dreamworlds.

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