Sonic Immersion Review – From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete by Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms

9th September 2015

Being a longtime fan of ambient space music I got to know and reviewed quite a lot of stuff in this genre. The collaborative work “From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete” is a fine work that can be added to the league of gentle morphing and emotive soundscapes spreading warm, smooth rays of light.

Within five longform pieces, the two accomplished composers offer an entrance to fluid drifting spaces and soft shimmering landscapes where the ethereal and contemplative form the key elements in slow spiraling, drone-based textural farscapes. It isn’t hard to imagine your own pictures as these slightly melodic, low volume dreamscapes pass by and float onward. On the second half of the album, the sphere even evaporates the scent of the comfortable soothing, a bit resembling the velvet works of Liquid Mind. All in all, this is suitable music to wind down a busy head or simply relax.

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