Stephen Fruitman Review – Scáth M’anam by I’ve Lost

6th September 2011

Under the woebegone alias I’ve Lost, Bobby Jones unspools a long, drawn-out cry into the wilderness. Scáth M’anam is divided into an eight-part suite called “I Wish I Could Fly”, running over seventy-one minutes, and an eight minute coda, “Ghosts on the Wind”.

Remarkably, this beautifully articlulate album is made with little planning, no editing and nothing but a guitar. And yet he gradually sculpts a landscape as varied and palpable as time and erosion work on geography. It may be a desert, but it is a painted one.

Fellow musician Leonardo Rosado has said that “you can see right through him just by listening to his music”. The album conveys the twin impressions of the sound of one man thinking and simultaneously conjuring an unforgettable landscape otherwise unattainable. And like the high lonesome, it seems to just go on forever.

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