The Silent Ballet Review – “for r” by Leonardo Rosado

4th April 2011

For R was certainly crafted for home listening. “How the Rain Fell That Day” is just over five minutes long, considerably shorter then the other two tracks, which are around twenty minutes each, but the short introduction functions as a distillation of Leonardo Rosado’s inclinations. Manipulating feedback, various field-recordings, and short samples, Rosado weaves his elements together into captivating ambient textures and narrative loops. He has an ear for melody that balances the pleasantness of his explorations with the fascinating juxtapositions of thickness and rhythm, albeit in an abstract way. Don’t expect directness; yet despite the presumed coldness of his materials, there is something soothing in Rosado’s compositions. Gentle percussive pitched noises, metallic pings balanced off feedback and shuffling recordings create a relaxed ambience and a meaningful listening experience.

– Review by Joseph Sannicandro

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