Bob Ohrum

Bob Ohrum is… Distant highways, crumbling factories, the lonely sound of a 2 A.M. train, and the beauty of the city at night…

In Bob’s own words:

I started writing music and playing Bass in an assortment of shoegaze bands in the early 90s. As the decade progressed I became more and more drawn to experimental music and analog synthesizers. During that time I recorded my first Ambient music demos on four track cassette. In 2000 I moved to Cape Cod Massachusetts, where I lived for three years. While living on the Cape, I immersed myself in the natural beauty of the ocean. When I moved back to Buffalo in 2003, I had a renewed drive to record. At that time, I found a love for field recording and began to incorporate it into my music. It is my goal to make music that captures and compliments the environment around me, be it city or nature, daytime or night.

Subliminal Listening was written and recorded in August 2005. This album was created by capturing various field recordings, and then creating music to accompany them. Aside from reverb, these live field recordings have not been altered in any way. This results in a collection of soundscapes that are very organic in nature.

With a sound that evokes the feeling of urban decay the Feedback EP was written and recorded between dusk and dawn one night in June 2005. Bass and a minimal amount of modified vocals were the only instruments used to create these songs.

2006 brought Rising Tides. This new collection of soundscapes reaches deeply into an emotional, personal place through a rich, beautiful variety of field recordings, instrumentation, and vocals…

In 2007 I wrote and recorded Elevated as a tribute to my father. It may be my strongest work to date.

My newest recording is the For Dan EP written for my cousin Dan who passed away in June of 2008. R.I.P. Dan, I’ll always love you man…

Relaxed Machinery Releases

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