Steve Brand – The Path of the Heart [rM_0057]

May 2016


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“The Path Of The Heart” was begun in early 2014 as the result of several live improvisations in my studio. This music reflects my realization that I often feel that my entire life has been a journey to and of the heart, my heart, my core, and it has often not been direct or easy, but it is the ultimate and inevitable journey of my lifetime—and one that connects me to ever larger sources. I began communicating with Mark Seelig via the internet and quickly found that we had a great deal in common, and so i was inspired to ask him to send material for a collaborative track for this album, which turned out to be “Let It All Fall Away.” Mark travels frequently for his work as a therapist, so he eventually managed to to squeeze in the recording of his contributions while at a friend’s studio. Thanks to Mark for taking this track to it’s emotional peak.


1. Changing With The Light [8:01] 2. At The Speed Of Thought [17:20] 3. The Path Of The Heart [16:41] 4. The Crucible Of Heart (unknown territory mix) [11:11] 5. Flowing Through The Heart Of Everything (album edit) [4:57] 6. Let It All Fall Away (feat. Mark Seelig) [20:00]


Mark Seelig, voice and bansuri on “Let It All Fall Away”


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