Disturbed Earth

A frequent collaborator with rM artists, Dean Richards has been creating his own, intensely personal music since 1976. A veteran with 30 releases to his name, Dean has worked with many artists including Steve Brand, Vir Unis, Peter James, Igneous Flame, Savo, pixyblink and Louis Webb. Dean’s first release on Relaxed Machinery is What is Memory?, his fifth collaboration with Steve Brand.

“Since leaving High School in 1976, I have always worked in this music world, pursued and realized things that some call dreams, and I live with the consequences of choices I’ve made.

Daily, the thought of living the day to day can appear quite trying at best.

I reckon it’s a great idea to talk the time of day, and to help each other’s dreams come to fruition.”

Now, some history and a few highlights:

While still in high school in the mid 1970’s, Dean experimented with tape manipulation, that included looping, splicing, field recordings, and processing them through effects that were available at the time… a crude form of what is now called “sound design”.This was also the time of his first review in Rolling Stone as a guitarist in 1976.

Straight from high school, Dean managed an import record store that sold progressive rock, Krautrock and electronic music.

While working there he joined the band Whirlywirld playing guitar and effects, releasing two EPs. Window To The World and Eyebrows Still Shaved.

Dean formed a new band called “Equal Local”, releasing two EPs, Madagascar and Yank as well as a compilation of live performances How Did We Miss These?

Cannes Film Festival Award: 1981 Winner Best Short Film Mass Movement.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra: wrote and conducted dance production Terra Sect.

The Fourth International Bienalle Audio: wrote and performed 2 compositions.

Formed a 23-piece big band, playing original compositions, called Hot Half Hour; released a 4 song EP.

Assistant Director/Chief Engineer/Trainer for the Australian National Program Service (produced & engineered talk/news/music programs through Australian, Asian and American Public Radio Stations).

Recorded two soundtracks: Run For Their Lives and On The Brink, for the United Nations American Red Cross famine relief in Ethiopia.

Played guitar on the soundtrack Dogs In Space (Win/Lose and Rooms For The Memory) with Michael Hutchense.

Co-wrote 3 songs for the Stephen Cummings release This Wonderful Life.

Landed worldwide songwriting/publishing deals with Polygram and E.M.I. which included song submissions and recordings for The Eurythmics.

Director of Music – Australian Fashion Design Council writing,performing and engineering many fashion shows including the haute couture designs of Vanessa Leyonhjelm in New York, Chicago and Dallas.

Department Director/Lecturer Of Songwriting – Australian College Of Entertainers. Wrote the syllabus.

Co-wrote songs on three more Stephen Cummings CDs: Lovetown; A New Kind Of Blue, which received the A.R.I.A (Australian Record Industry Award), 1990 Winner Best Adult Rock; Good Humour, 1991 Winner Best Alternative Album.

Worked with a Florida music store called Music Showcase as their District Music Education Sales Manager, which encompassed Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk counties. This position included public speaking engagements both motivational and for teaching recording techniques to students from the Elementary (Primary) school level through to University graduates. This also meant liasing with the resource/law enforcement officers within each school.

I’ve lived and worked in the U.S. for the past 20 years, and have recently come back to Australia for family and for reasons that will reveal themselves to me over time.

Have recorded and released 29 albums through AtmoWorks and Hypnos Records.

“Disturbed Earth” is a part of the music that has no set genre… yet.

Relaxed Machinery Releases

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